Sphynx London Breeders is a small select UK based Sphynx Cattery in central London. As a hobby breeder our aim is to produce strong, healthy Sphynx Kittens of excellent quality and type with superb temperaments.

At Sphynx London all our cats are imported and carry excellent bloodlines from Europe, USA, Canada and Russia. We always test for HCM prior to breeding and yearly FIV/FELV/HCM/FCV.

The Sphynx cats are delightful and lovable breed of hairless feline. Sphynx London is an excellent resource for anyone interested in bringing one of these unique and adorable animals into their life and home. The Sphynx is a hairless variety of cats much loved by breeders, owners and miscellaneous cat-lovers alike. Their personalities are incredible and their appearance is unmistakable.

Sphynx London is located in Shoreditch, London. Every single cat and kitten is a part of our family. Before kittens are leaving our home for your's they are completely socialized and ready to make the transition.

We always willing and available to speak to potential owners of our Sphynx kittens.

Along with numerous pictures and photos of our adult cats there are also weekly pictures of each kitten posted on pet classifieds or our website so that everyone can join us in watching their development. We are very proud of all of the cats at our Cattery.

We hope you'll enjoy browsing the website, viewing the photos and finding a wealth of information about the care and personalities of these very special felines.